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Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast at Thekla, Bristol

Rising American roots rock star Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast supported Robert Jon & The Wreck during their recent Thekla gig in Bristol and held the audience’s attention with impressive vocals and mesmerising stage presence.

Krisko delivers a skilled and assertive vocal performance that is dripping with swagger and rock power that keeps you moving from start to end, opening with ‘Half Asleep’ and ‘Blue Heron’.

With a cracking band behind her, as adept at well-worn covers, including a storming version of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll”, as they are at original material. Delivering an unaffected performance, Caitlin gives every impression of being lost in the music, with a cracking rapport with the crowd.

Born in Detroit, raised in New York City and currently living in Asheville, North Carolina, Caitlin Krisko has been influenced by the sounds of East Coast rock and roll, Motown and roots music. She has been stunning audiences across America and Europe touring relentlessly with her own brand of roots rock filled with soaring vocals, powerful grooves, emotional lyrics and undeniable song-writing.

The band consists of Caitlin Krisko (Lead Vocals), Aaron Austin (Guitar, Background Vocals), Michael W. Davis (Drums), and William Seymour (Bass). They have shared the bill with artists such as Mavis Staples, Marcus King, Blackberry Smoke, The Avett Brothers and Greta Van Fleet.

Then came ‘Haunted by You’, a song that topped Spotify’s “Blues Ballads” playlist last year, garnering critical acclaim for its soulful blues and Krisko’s captivating performance. Followed by “Devil By Your Side”, another cracking single which, with its funky guitar figure, catches the audience unawares with a surprisingly gritty solo.

‘Operator‘ is a retro throwback track reminiscent of the soul and rock heard in the 1960’s with modern production and an infectious chant-like chorus. The song tells the story of a woman who finds her partner has been hiding another relationship across town, then calls the operator to connect with her partner’s other victim to join forces for revenge. It has all sorts of New York strut, Detroit muscle and NC funk embedded in the grooves.

Known for her powerhouse vocal performances, Caitlin Krisko brings the perfect blend of power and vulnerability throughout her shows, with most of the songs taken from her newest studio album “Lost My Sight”.

With a mix of soul, psychedelia, and blues rock arrangements, the band ends with “Led Blood” and an epic conclusion of “Rock and Roll”, a track she describes as a “barn burner”. With her captivating performance, and high-kicking finale, Caitlin lifts the rafter at the Thekla.

Leaving the stage to the sounds of an audience roaring its approval, it’s fair to most thought the band’s performance was an all-too-short set and wanted more.

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