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Happy Valley

The mind-blowingly good BBC One drama "Happy Valley" comes to an end next week. But the penultimate episode has left us with an agonising week wait for the final ever instalment next Sunday.

At the end of Happy Valley episode 5, a simmering Tommy was plotting his revenge against Catherine, and Ryan seemed to be falling into his dad’s trap.

Of course, the most pressing question – and what the whole of Happy Valley series 3 has been leading up to is who will die?

This is the end days of "Happy Valley", so we know someone has to meet their fate. The series surely cannot end unless either Catherine or Tommy are dead.

In Happy Valley epsiode 5, Tommy told Darius that before he leaves Halifax for good, he has a “little bit of business”.

Of course, we know Sgt Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) and Tommy Lee Royce will meet, and our skin is tingling just thinking about it.

And both will want the other dead. Although Tommy is the villain we all love to hate, we would rather like to see him die a horrible death. But who will deliver the final blow?

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