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Jay Miller's Circus, Portishead

The traditional Jay Miller's Circus is back in Portishead this week and they have a completely new line-up of entertainers.

I can never resist the draw of the circus!

Jay Miller's Circus never disappoints and have brought another collection of first class entertainment this year. It all kick starts with my favourite act - from Finland, on the Wheel of Death, Sebastian, especially when he runs on top of the giant wheel blindfolded.

Budapest's Miss Zsofia flies high above the Circus ring upon the Cloudswing and the Jan Extreme Trio bring their own street style of BMX to the Big Top,; and Miss Paige performing within the aerial chandelier.

With his Lazer Lite Show, Yevgeniy lights up the circus tent and I really enjoyed the quick clothes changing routine of Duo Vakal - how do they do that? And they are the famous bears who made newspaper headlines with their mischief, Yogi and Bubu.

And that question was heightened with magician Novosselov, a real master of illusion. I won't ruin it but there is a jaw dropping trick with a small cage, lances and a glamorous assistant. All good fun.

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