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Lucy Spraggan, O2 Academy Bristol

What to wear; what to eat; where to spend the hours – and who to spend them with; our days are full of choices, each of which has its own special impact on who we are, and how we live our lives. Big and small, the decisions we make determine the people we are today, and the people we will become tomorrow.

UK singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan dives deep into themes of identity, belief, and belonging in her soaring sixth LP Choices, a passionate upheaval of tender, compelling, and catchy folk and pop beauty.

Choices was written and recorded in the wake of the artist’s divorce, and explores everything from the aftermath of that relationship and its dissolution, to Spraggan’s intimate journey of self-discovery and renewal, independence, and inner strength.

I wrote about Lucy's performance at the O2 Academy Bristol last week and the Bristol Post and Bristol Live published my review this week.

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