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Samantha Fish, Tramshed

Blues rock guitar phenomenon Samantha Fish is currently one of the most talked about names in the genre. With a career spanning over 10 years, Fish has earned her rightful place amidst the cream of blues rock songwriters and performing artists.

Absurd guitar skills, captivating vocals, an ear for great hooks and high-octane live performances are her main assets as she climbs her way to the top.

Samantha Fish appeared on stage at Tramshed, Cardiff, with her signature cigar box guitar, looking like an absolute rock goddess, a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Phil Lynott with a storming guitar and tantalisingly voice.

Fish strutted on stage leather clad with tassels a flowing, commanding the stage with that rock star presence that very few have, but she really does have it all.

A great look, captivating voice and seriously great guitar skills. Never mind great kick ass songs.

If Marilyn Monroe was fronting a rock n’ roll band and could play killer riffs while shredding on a white Gibson SG then this is it.

As they launched into the first number 'Bulletproof' from her 2019 album 'Kill To Be Kind', her swirling, powerful vocals are enhanced by her skilfully playing melodic slide guitar with a slide ring.

The amplified riff seems to have a life of its own as the primal sound and energy are let loose for a night no one will forget in a hurry.

Her warm bluesy voice goes full throttle during the raunchy 'Twisted Ambition' featuring a truly mind blowing solo.

At one point Fish affectionately teased the audience, encouraging them to get into the swing of it, and they did reeling with the amazing sounds pulsating from the stage, with Fish going through numbers across her catalogue, ranging from rock to country and blues.

She announced the next two songs were from her brand new album 'Faster', which were 'Ice No Whiskey', followed by 'Love Letters', 'Watch It Die' and the title track 'Kill Or Be Kind'.

Fish was on fire, her powerful voice with an incredible range echoed across the hall. Her masterful guitar playing spanned across multiple genres.

Her body rocking and head banging, and tossing around her Marilyn Monroe-style blonde locks made for a jaw-dropping experience as she effortlessly slides up and down the fretboard and shrieks out her soulful melodies and meaningful lyrics.

The brilliant band accompanying her were Ron Johnson on bass guitar and boy, can he play it. The relationship between them and how they complimented each other was a delight to witness.

An absolute powerhouse of a skilful drummer Sarah Tomek is a perfect addition and superb keyboards were played by Matt Wade.

On stage, she’s a full-on entertainer working up the crowd while delivering straight rock n’ roll during 'Bitch On The Run'. Other set highlights include an atmospheric “Chills and Fever” and an emotional “Either Way I Lose” both delivered with soul and emotion.

Finishing on 'Black Wind Howlin’, a raw, loose, impulsive groove that sways and swings with stone-cold attitude. Fish is the real deal, there’s no hustle involved and the band blew the roof off and the crowd demanded more.

They obliged and returned with an encore to wild cheers as they launched into the final number, a cover of Bukka White’s 'Shake Em’ on Down'.

This was without a doubt a gig to remember. The soulful Samantha Fish and her incredible band certainly made their mark on Cardiff. Rock ‘n’ Roll is alive and kicking.

Catch her while you can playing these intimate shows as she is on a trajectory to the very top and nothing will stop her on tonight’s performance.

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